Halo Wars 2 Is BROKEN!


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So, I went ahead and made a short video compilation of what I felt was broken in Halo wars 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAl6zPZOLuI I'd like to hear if anyone else has experienced anything else broken/needs fixed. I would only like to hear suggestions that can be replicated, otherwise I cannot record gameplay of it. Some notable things I forgot were: Good/Bad spawns, and the canister for the tank being horrible.If I get enough feedback, I'll make a second video. :)


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Leader balance Isabel needs a higher damage mac blast and holograms need to look like actual units to other players Anders needs all upgrades to be cheaper, not just global ones Forge needs assembly upgrade earlier Decimus needs better values on most of his abilities and a better Decimus drop. Either give it way more damage or reduce its cost. Unit changes Locusts- moves slower while attacking Mauraders- big increase in damage Sentinels- more damage to units Grunts/tanks. Y ability actually work Wolverines- speed upgrade Spartans- huge damage increase Suicide grunt- cost decrease Other stuff Add 1v1 unranked Fix dodging issue Add Global leaderboards in game Replay/theater mode Supply/energy gain percentages per pad increased slightly

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Video is private...