Hardest matchups 1v1


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What matchup is hardest for you in 1v1 and what leader do you main... I am a cutter main. 1. Cutter- vsing cutter is prob the hardest for me because once cutter gets ahead its hard to catch up in a mirror match. 2. Shipmaster- those tp suicide grunts are broken.... 3. Anders- late game she is unbeatable... 4. Forge- really got nerfed hard from last patch... even though everyone says it didnt hurt him any type of eco hit to a main unit is going to slow you down hard. The other leaders i have never loss to so they dont count.....


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I main cutter and the hardest matchup for me is either Anders or Shipmaster. Anders: Her turtling ability plus sentinals is really hard to control Shipmaster: Suicide grunt+tp or scout mine shred infantry :(