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@mikeBeaston yes, what you are saying is correct


Just wondering why I have not Seen miz stream, I watch his latest stream, but he has not stream much, he the only person who talks about the game and is interesting. only leaves linch and the rest are worthless peasants like young berk :(


I have not seen wolf or bigger play but maybe they could come 2nd and maybe come first?


If I was unit I would be the grunt loyal to the commands of the chief (Miz izHere) While i fight all the battle and learn how to become the best and also like all apprentices murder him and become number 1!! J/k Joking!!!!


I've join this forum as Halowaypoint is dead hopefully, I can get some good ideas for buildorder and makes some friends <3 I'm also like the idea of getting some poker chips while i learn, also how do i join izHere or tryout?